Площа - 300 м²
Рік проектування - 2015
Рік реалізації - 2016
Локація - Чернівці, Україна
Фотограф Дмитро Лавров
Project Area - 300 m²
Project Year - 2015
Project implementation - 2016
Location - Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Photo by Dmitrii Lavrov
The OZZY, as any other successful fast food, involves a significant flow of visitors, who mainly prefer takeout. This special feature directs the compositional focus to the reception area. Therefore, the sales counter facade with accent lighting and a half-open kitchen area has become a parametrically planned main element of the design.
In the interior, considerable attention is paid to the development of the artwork design using the brand symbols and the chain corporate colors: red in contrast with black and white. The seats are designed for a short stay, and the finishing materials are durable and practical.
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