Площа - 80 м²
Рік проектування - 2016
Рік реалізації - 2016
Локація - Чернівці, Україна
Фотограф Дмитро Лавров
Project Area - 80 m²
Project Year - 2016
Project implementation - 2016
Location - Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Photo by Dmitrii Lavrov
The interior design of a real estate sales office of the VODOGRAY residential complex was created and implemented in the city of Chernivtsi in 2014-2016. The right design of the office interior helps selling a product that the company offers. In this case — it's a real estate of the company. The office shows a modern approach, a love of detail, rational space use, both construction and repair experience of the company.

The interior is designed using the combination of corporate blue color with wood and concrete inserts, enhancing the contrast with white or dark gray walls. The focal point is the elevated office, which became a symbolic significant place for customers, because it is there that a client signs a previously drafted real estate contract.
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