Hello! Our company, Addline group, was founded in 2012 in Ukraine. Our company employs 14 people and is based in Ukraine. We offer a wide and professional range of services for the creation of modern architectural and interior projects. Moreover, we provide the management for their successful implementation. We pay utmost attention to cutting-edge, technological solutions, and the creation of your own style and art objects.

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In 2022, we started professionally dealing with NFT projects and searching for our identity in the future Meta-Worlds.
We are developing several interconnected areas:
1. The development of the design of the future.
2. Promotion and development of Ukrainian design
3. The creation of interior and architectural art that can be used in the physical world as well as in the Meta-Worlds.

Art in our interiors:

"ADDLI-PEPE" Available 97 of 222
The limited-edition collection of figures "Addli-Pepe" with unique coloring was created by the architectural and design studio AddLine (AddLi.net), inspired by the growing Pepe crypto culture. The collection will include 222 Addli-Pepe figure coloring options and 5 animations.
The first 100 figures are sold for a symbolic price of 0.01-0.1eth on the Polygon blockchain with a free gas fee. After the sale of 40% of the figures, the following figures will be loaded for the price 0.1eth and higher.
Available 97 of 222

Ukrainian stories:

The Art created by Ukrainians about the country, its glorious history, and incredible future. All profits from this gallery will be spent on our architecture studio (Addli.net), which is going through some hard times. Nevertheless, we will retain and support our workers in order to rebuild the country in the future.

Ukrainian Motanka Doll:

Collection of 300 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Motanka dolls are a type of amulets of Ukrainian people!
Every culture has its own amulets. One of the most common ones in Ukraine is a motanka doll. This ragdoll isn't just a plaything but a special amulet for the family.

Ukrainians believed that the spirits of the ancestors lived inside the motanka dolls protecting their descendants from hardship and passing the wisdom and knowledge to the next generations.

For the FND marketplace, we develop stories related to the thin time edge between the present and the near future, we fantasize about the near-space exploration and the creation of the first full-fledged metaverses.
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